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Public Lands
Wild Horses and Burros

Our current administration has our wild horses on a fast track of slaughter and extinction. I’ve lived with horses since age 11. The love and reverence for them is deep in my soul. There IS a solution for the horses that not only saves the taxpayers millions of dollars and is humane, ethical and will protect our horses, but special interests are standing in the way. I pledge to you and especially to the horses, that I will not rest until a program is implemented that serves our wild horses humanely and with their protection in place. This includes phasing out helicopter roundups and shifting resources to humane birth control measures. 


Mining has helped make Nevada prosperous, while providing hundreds of jobs for the Nevada workforce. It has also unfortunately been responsible for poisoning our land and water because the regulations currently in place don’t go far enough toward protection or they are being ignored completely. To be fair, there are mining companies who are ready and willing to comply, but agencies like the Bureau of Land Management aren’t staffed well enough to implement the enforcement. The agencies that oversee the regulation compliance must be empowered and supported. Our current congressman does nothing to rein in the corruption that threatens and intimidates the very agencies we rely on to protect our lands from mining violations. 

Amodei has also left us very vulnerable when he chose to look the other way and do nothing in his H.R. 761 bill regarding rare earth elements such as gadolinium and yttrium.  These rare minerals have unique properties and uses that we are just learning about.  Amodei's bill allows the Chinese companies that extract these minerals here in the U.S. to not sell them back to us.  If they don't want to sell them to us, they do not have to. These high-tech minerals are used in sophisticated metal manufacturing for our military including fighter jet engines and healthcare services that target tumors in neutron therapy.  These are just two of the many known uses.  Who knows what the future holds, but once again Amodei has left us very vulnerable-this time to the whims of the Chinese government.   

I pledge, in the interest of bipartisan national security interests, that our own domestic resources aren’t used to promote or increase Chinese or Iranian business interests at the expense of the American taxpayer. I want to ensure that American minerals stay here and help make our supply chain be more stable.

Yucca Mountain

I’m strongly opposed to using Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste repository.

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