Fight Back Against Corruption

Americans have been losing faith in government years before Trump was elected. Income inequality is the #1 driving force. Today we see a dividing line that appears to be the Republicans versus the Democrats. The real dividing line is between leaders (like Mark Amodei) or candidates who are comfortable with big, dark money influencing politics and those who oppose it.

I’m opposed to it. We Americans are suffering the worst inequality since the Great Depression. I will not stand passively at the sidelines and continue to allow corruption to bully us. 

I will fight to end Citizens United, which is a policy that has completely allowed corruption and corporations to own our government. Campaign finance reform is critical to taking back our government.

A Living Wage

We’re now living the results of a system that has promulgated poverty, violence, and disease. By shifting the system toward economic balance through a living wage that is finally brought up to modern times (at the current pace with inflation, it should be no less than $12 an hour. This is a fundamental reason why income inequality is the worst it’s been in eighty years. I fully support transitioning within the next two years to $15 per hour.

The benefits of phasing in a $15 minimum wage would be far-reaching, lifting pay for tens of millions of workers and reversing decades of growing pay inequality.

Health Care

The current system which is known as healthcare is actually just disease management, which is massively profitable and causes deaths and bankruptcies at an alarming rate in America. And insurance companies are making a killing – literally.​

For those who have a healthcare plan through their employer or union and are happy with it, we should respect the freedom to choose. When we develop a better way through Medicare for All, it will become the choice. I believe a universal healthcare system is ultimately the way to go. I believe when we offer Americans the plan, they will choose it, it will grow, become better funded, costs will go down even further and ultimately, we will succeed in a Universal healthcare system for All.  Our current Congressman voted over a dozen times against our wellbeing and lied straight-faced about how his votes would affect Nevadans. ​

 Military, Veterans, and Military Families

At 11%, Nevada's 2nd Congressional District contains the second-highest number of veterans and active-duty military of the state’s four congressional districts.

 Rep. Amodei has cast some very damaging votes against our veterans. He voted against an amendment to make it easier for qualified veterans to access state-legal medical marijuana. The amendment had bipartisan support and was co-sponsored by Republican Heck and Democrat Titus along with six other House members and passed. 

A sobering statistic – Every 13 minutes a veteran takes their life. We MUST DO BETTER FOR THEM. 

Climate Change and Clean Energy and Jobs

The science is in – the best of science around the world agrees climate change is our number one threat. The reports and eyewitness accounts of how our planet is rapidly changing cannot be ignored. Anyone who denies the threat is not being truthful. We have very little time to make dramatic changes from fossil fuels to sustainable, clean and renewable energy sources. 

Solar power is not the future – it’s the now. A minimum of 8,000 new, stable jobs will be created once we commit to renewable energy. These are jobs that can’t be outsourced overseas, will release us from the chains that bind us to fossil fuels that give foreign countries leverage over us. It will reduce air, water and land pollution. 

Our current Congressman voted at least 9 times to block renewable energy funding. His record is stunning. His views archaic and dangerous. 


My husband is a retired public school teacher of 30 years. Public Educators are near and dear to my heart. Within our family we have four other public school teachers who have spent their lives caring and supporting our students, and that is a tradition I plan to contiune in Congress.


To compete in this world and be the leaders, we must re-evaluate the priorities of our education system. Nevada was ranked next to last in the nation in 2019. I have personally fought against school vouchers before ever running for office and will fight any federal laws that would take money away from public schools.​​



My parents were immigrants, and I am a first-generation American. Immigrants made this country great.  I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented immigrants in America. Without them, America would suffer. The research on the contributions made by immigrants speaks for itself.

Women’s Issues

I support the right to choose- everyone, especially conservatives, understand the ancient law of property rights, and our bodies are the ultimate in sacred ownership. 

I will support all efforts to close the national pay gap, with attention paid to Black, Latina, Indigenous, disabled women, and LGBTQIA+ people -- all of whom deserve equal pay for equal work.

Furthermore, we must address the serious issue of domestic violence that is so very prevalent in Northern Nevada, as well as across our country.

Labor Rights and Unions

As mentioned above, income inequality and the increasing corporate power is what’s driving a divided country. Our labor workers and their rights must be protected at all costs to be able to compete in this ever-growing world of corporate dominance. I advocate for fair trade policies and to strengthen labor unions. I was a longtime member of two unions – SAG and AFTRA. I know what they did for us. And I stand behind the unions.

Public Lands

Nevada has more land owned by the federal government than any other state. I am committed to keeping this land open and available to Nevadans for recreation, smart economic development and housing where appropriate. This is an issue where Amodei serves only the special interests, putting the needs of the wealthy ahead of tourism, outdoor recreation and other ways Nevada’s open spaces can benefit taxpayers and visitors of Nevada.

Racial Justice + Policing 

Systemic racism is alive and (unfortunately) well in this country. Black Americans are twice as likely to be shot or killed by police. Roughly 13,000 African Americans would still be alive today if they had died of coronavirus at the same rate as white Americans. The Black homeownership rate recently reached its lowest percentage since before the civil rights movement. Proportionally, there were more Black homeowners when segregation was legal than there are now.  


After listening to Black and Brown voices, I have a few legislative ideas that should help reverse systemic racism and decrease police violence in Nevada and elsewhere. I am always willing to learn more. Given the complexity and cross-sectionality of the issue, these ideas are nonexhaustive.

Indigenous Peoples Rights

All Issues are Native Issues

Nevada is the traditional homelands of the Paiute (Numu/Nuwu), the Shoshone (Newe) and the Washoe (Washeshu). Our campaign wants to acknowledge the history of the land and its first people.

We understand and respect the sovereignty of the 27 Tribes of Nevada and the ancestors that are forever connected to the land.  It should be the moral and ethical responsibility of all leaders to engage in building the necessary healthy relationships within our tribal communities. I promise to make space to listen and engage in finding solutions in order to help co-create a future rooted in healing and love.

Gun Safety and Reform

I’ve been a gun owner for decades, and I would not support legislation to take away gun ownership for those who want to responsibly and legally own a firearm for hunting or for protection of their household and family. The 2nd Amendment is safe in America and I plan to keep it that way for all law-abiding citizens. I do support full background checks and closing loopholes like those at gun shows. I intend to foster a culture that works toward peace, not violence.