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Our Opponent's Voting Record

Amodei voting record


Congressional budget and ethics:

  • Voted 3x for Congressional pay raises

  • Voted against cutting congressional office budget

  • Voted for limiting the power of the Office of Congressional Ethics and House Ethics Committee in investigation members



  • Voted against impeaching for obstruction of justice

  • Voted against impeaching for abuse of power

  • Voted to delay impeachment vote before the debate had even started

  • Voted against authorizing the ongoing house investigation related to the impeachment of Trump

  • Voted for a resolution believed to be an attempt to discredit the Mueller investigation and to give Trump an excuse to fire Rosenstein

  • Voted repeatedly against investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election

  • Voted repeatedly against releasing Trump’s tax returns

  • Voted repeatedly against addressing conflicts of interest in the Trump administration


Women’s rights:

  • Voted repeatedly for a 20-week abortion ban

-Requiring women to prove rape before accessing an abortion

-With criminal penalties for doctors

  • Voted to make the Hyde amendment permanent and eliminated abortion coverage on any private insurance plan participating in the ACA

  • Voted 11 times to attack or defund Planned Parenthood

  • Voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act for 5 more years, which included expanded protections for Native and trangendered people


SNAP/Food Stamps:

  • Voted for the 2018 version of the Farm Bill that had strict work requirements for SNAP

  • Voted to allow states to privatize SNAP

  • Voted to block an effort to force the Trump administration to certify their tariffs would not harm farmers and ranchers

  • Voted for a farm bill that cut spending in farm and nutrition programs and required drug testing for food stamp applicants

  • Voted for the “Poison Pill” amendment that allowed states to require work requirements for food stamps

  • Voted to repeal ACA, cut SNAP funding and voucherize Medicare



Consumer Issues and Regulations:

  • Voted to block rules requiring ISP’s to protect internet customers privacy

Career: Amodei Received $217,944 In Campaign Contributions From The Telecommunications Industry. As of June 2020, Amodei had disclosed $217,944 in contribution from the telecommunications industry including $60,059 from individuals and $157,885 from PACS. [, accessed 6/17/20]


Career: Amodei Received $157,885 In Campaign Contributions From Telecommunications Industry PACS.   

 [, accessed 6/17/20]


  • Voted to allow industries to influence pending regulations without public knowledge



  • Voted against the Student Borrower Credit Improvement Act

  • Voted against disapproving of a proposed education dept. Rule change that makes it harder for fraud victims to receive debt forgiveness

  • Voted to block a vote on letting students refinance loans

  • Voted to slash Pell Grants, CD-2 students received $40,383,088


Election Security/Voting Rights:

  • Voted against the For The People Act

  • Voted against the SAFE Act, an election security bill requiring cybersecurity safeguards and paper ballots

  • Voted against the Voting Rights Enforcement Act

  • Voted for blocking restoration of federal oversight to protect the right to vote


Campaign Finance:

  • Voted 5 times to block consideration of bills to increase transparency
    in campaign finance

  • Voted for a bill that would prohibit the IRS from requiring tax-exempt organizations to disclose donor info

  • Voted for blocking a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United


Energy Issues:

  • Voted for energy appropriations bill that cut renewable energy programs and rolled back clean water protections

  • Voted to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline

  • Voted against holding pipeline owners liable for explosions

  • Voted against requiring TransCanada, Keystone developer, to pay for spills

  • Voted for protecting oil and gas companies from publicly disclosing payments to foreign governments

  • Voted for lifting 40-year crude oil ban

  • Voted against forbidding oil and gas exports to state sponsors of terrorism

  • Voted for blocking consideration of bill to protect consumers from price-gouging on gasoline


Environmental Issues:

  • Voted against the Arctic Cultural and Coastal Protection Act

  • Voted against the Coastal and Marine Economic Protection Act

  • Voted against Protecting and Securing Florida’s Coastline Act

  • Voted against a bill to revise environmental laws and require the EPA to regulate PFAS

  • Voted to nullify a BLM methane rule to limit the release of methane from oil and gas operations on federal land

  • Voted on delaying clean air standards

  • Voted against the Coastal and Great Lakes Community Enhancement Act

  • Voted against the Climate Now Act, prohibiting the use of federal funds for U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

  • Voted for bills that would gut the EPA

  • Voted for nullifying the Stream Protection Rule which protected the drinking water, health, and environment of people in Appalachia who live near mountain removal mining sites

  • Voted for reducing the funding for the Coal Mining Safety and Health Program by 10%


Equal Rights/Workplace Fairness:

  • Voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act

  • Voted repeatedly against considering the Paycheck Fairness Act

  • Voted against removing the Equal Rights Amendment Ratification deadline

  • Voted against the Protecting Older Workers Descrimination Act

  • Voted for repealing a rule requiring businesses to disclose harassment violations when bidding on large federal contracts


FEMA & Disaster Relief Funding:

  • Voted for a bill that inadequately funded firefighting and repealed environmental protections and regulations on the lodging industry, all in the midst of the 2017 wildfires in CA

  • Voted against emergency aid, long-term recovery aid and assistance to victims of Hurricane Sandy

  • Voted against requiring the government to pay the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico amounts equal to 400 percent of the loss in revenues from hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. 

  • Voted against an amendment to increase funding for inland oil spill programs

  • Voted against increased FEMA funding to prepare for natural disasters, after Hurricane Sandy

  • Voted for reauthorizing the National Insurance program without risk-reduction programs or flood-mapping


Finance Protections & Wall Street:

  • Voted repeatedly to roll back Wall Street reform

-Career: Amodei Received $479,323 In Campaign Contributions From Finance, Insurance & Real Estate Interests. As of June 2020, Amodei had disclosed $479,323 in contribution from the FIRE sector including $213,646 from individuals and $265,677 from PACS. [, accessed 6/17/20]

  • Voted against the consumer First Act, clarifying and establishing certain objectives, authorities and offices of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  • Voted against protecting the CFPB

  • Voted to allow risky mortgage lending practices

  • Voted against a resolution aimed “to rein in presidential authority to use military action against Iran without Congressional approval”


Foreign Policy Issues:

  • Voted against directing the President to terminate the use of armed forces in or against Iran unless Congress has declared war or provided authorization

  • Voted against restrictions on the use of federal funds for any use of military force against Iran

  • Voted against expressing approval of the Iran Nuclear Deal

  • Voted against the repeal of the 2001 AUMF

  • Voted against withdrawing U.S. troops deployed against Isis in Iraq

  • Voted against limiting funds for the military action against ISIS without congressional authorization of war


Gun Issues:

  • Voted against authorizing funds to train and equip Syrian rebels

  • Voted against closing the Charleston Loophole

  • Voted against closing the Gun Show Loophole

  • Voted to block consideration of bill to close gn safety loopholes

  • Votd 18 times to block consideration of the “no fly, no buy” bill

  • Voted for permitting concealed carry reciprocity between states

  • Voted for prohibiting a VA Department determination that an individual is mentally incompetent from preventing the individual from buying a gun

  • Voted on blocking a rule keeping firearms out of the hands of people deemed mentally incompetent by the Social Security Administration


Health Care Issues:

  • Voted against the protecting Americans with Preexisting Conditions Act

  • Voted repeatedly to allow the Trumps administrations legal campaign against the ACA to move forward

  • Voted against authorizing House intervention into the Texas Court case that found the ACA unconstitutional

  • Vote 3 times to repeal the ACA

  • Voted 10 times for Repblican budget resolutions that fully repeal the ACA

  • Voted to repeal the individual mandate

  • Voted 29 times to cripple, defund or repeal the ACA

  • Voted for the American Health Care Act- the Republican health care repeal bill that would:

-gut protections for people with preexisting conditions

-lead to 23 million more uninsured- disproportionally older people with lower income

-create an age tax on older Americans

  • Voted against the Lower Drug Cost Now Act

  • Voted against a bipartisan measure to bring down drug prices by restricting anti-competitive behaviors by pharmaceutical companies

  • Voted for the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act- “a major victory” for big Pharma investors

-Career: Amodei Received $5,250 From The Pharmaceutical Industry. [OpenSecrets, accessed 6/18/20]

-2015-2016: Amodei Received $4,000 From The Pharmaceutical  Industry. [OpenSecrets, accessed 6/18/20]

  • Voted for sentencing guidelines for distributing synthetic opioids the Dems warned would impose mandatory minimums for low-level offenders, rather than expanding treatment

  • Voted against considering an amendment to prohibit restrictions on medical malpractice lawsuits for “grossly negligent” prescription of opioids


Housing Issues:

  • Voted for preventing the DOJ from enforcing Disparate Impact Claims under the Fair Housing Act

  • Voted for barring the private enforcement initiative of the Fair Housing Initiative Program

  • Voted against amendment barring implementation of housing rile meant to combat housing segregation

  • Voted for weakening housing discrimination protections


Immigration/Border Issues:

  • Voted against the American Dream and Promise Act

  • Voted for Rep. immigration compromise with a path to citizenship for a limited number or Dreamers and $25 billion for a border wall

  • Voted for a hardline conservative immigration bill that criminalized undocumented imigration and funded the border wall

  • Voted for killing attempt to bring DREAM Act and bipartisan imigration bill to a vote

  • Voted 19 times to block the DREAM ActVoted repeatedly against terminating Trump’s national emergency declaration to fund the border wall

  • Voted 3 times against blocking Trump’s Muslim ban

  • Voted against a bipartisan bill that addressed the humanitarian crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border by ensuring that migrant children and families received basic medical screenings

  • Voted for blocking consideration of a bill prohibiting the Department of Homeland Security from separating immigrant families

  • Voted against prohibiting the use of privatized for-profit immigration detention facilities

  • Voted for halting Obama’s Syrian resettlement program


Labor & Working Families:

  • Voted against the Raise the Wage Act that would raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour

  • Voted for blocking a bill to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour in seven years

  • Voted against raising the minimum wage 5 times

  • Voted against raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour

  • Voted to block an amendment to allow an Americans to earn paid sick leave

  • Voted repeatedly for bill that undermined overtime pay and sick leave

  • Voted against the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act

  • Voted against extending unemployment insurance 8 times

  • Voted repeatedly to roll back Davis-Bacon Wage Protections


LGBTQIA+ Issues:

  • Voted against the Equality Act

  • Voted for defending the Defense of Marriage Act against legal challenges


National Defense & Security:

  • Voted 4 times against a clean Department of Homeland Security funding bill that did not include efforts to defund Obama’s immigration executive orders

  • Voted against an amendment that would require the government to obtain a warrant before searching surveillance data collected through section 702

  • Voted against including additional requirements to obtaining warrants for surveillance through FISA

  • Voted for reauthorizing FISA, including section 702, which conducts surveillance om foreign targets’ communications

Senior’s Issues:

  • Voted repeatedly for Republican budgets that would gut Medicare

        -36,232 residents of CD-2 receive some Medicare benefits

  • Voted against consideration of an amendment lowering out-of-pocket Drug costs for seniors

  • Voted 12 times to reopen the medicare donut hole, costing seniors thousands more in out-of-pocket prescription costs

  • Voted for Republican Study Committee Budgets that included increasing the Social Security retirement age

        -150,371 residents of CD-2 receive some Social Security benefits


Tax Issues:

  • Voted for nullifying a Department of Labor rule exempting certain government administered state retirement savings plans from select federal regulations

  • Voted for making several provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent

  • Voted for final passage of the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

  • Voted against passing the Restoring Tax Fairness for States and Localities Act

  • Voted against preventing tax deductions for executive bonuses exceeding $1 million

  • Voted for blocking consideration of bill preventing U.S. corporations for moving overseas to dodge paying taxes


 Trade and Outsourcing Issues:

  • Voted for the USCMA

  • Voted against establishing protection from unfair Chinese currency manipulation


Veteran & Military Family Issues:

  • Voted 2 times against ensuring pay raises for service members and that they were paid during government shutdown 

  • Voted against increasing funds to prevent sexual assault in the military

  • Voted for an appropriations bill that would transition VA choice program from mandatory to discretionary spending, leaving in open to cuts

  • Voted for blocking a bill to exempt the VA from the Trump admin’s hiring freeze

  • Voted for underfunding Veterans’ Affairs Program

  • Voted against increasing funds for Veterans’ Health Care and PTSD Treatment

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