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My parents were immigrants and welcomed in this country as refugees post WW II. Today I fear they would not be welcomed, or perhaps worse -- they would be, solely because of the color of their skin and their European ancestry. Dreamers should be protected. That’s a given. But we must go farther, including a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants who pay into our system already.

Opposing the Border Wall and Protecting Dreamers
  • President Trump has been pushing for the construction of an ineffective, environmentally damaging, and xenophobic border wall. The border wall threatens communities living along our southern border, has far ranging negative impacts on our lands, wildlife and waterways, and circumvents bedrock environmental laws. Proposals for this damaging wall would waive dozens of environmental and cultural protection laws for wall construction and other border enforcement activities on federal lands. In September 2017, the Trump administration ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program – an Obama-era program that has protected nearly 800,000 young people from being deported from the only country they have known as home. The administration has been using these young individuals – known as Dreamers – as bargaining chips. President Trump has been taking their immigration status hostage as he demands funds to build the wall, separates families and tries to end the diversity visa and the Temporary Protected Status programs. Dreamers are integral members of our communities and make invaluable contributions to our society – including as LCV staff, members and volunteers – and deserve to have the safety, stability and legal means to fully participate in our democracy that the Dream Act would assure them.

    • I oppose efforts to construct an environmentally harmful border wall, including waiving dozens of environmental and cultural protection laws to build it. 

  • I also believe we need a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants who pay into our system via taxes already. Let's bring them out of the shadows. 

  • Right now we have undocumented migrants who are essential workers, farm workers - and while they have documentation allowing them to go to work to harvest food, showing they are “essential”, they can still be rounded up by ICE at any moment. That’s not the welcoming, just, fair America that we should strive for. 

  • Do away with the practice of local police acting as ICE agents, such as "287(g)" agreements, as well as similar agreements.

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