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Health Care

Medicare For All Option and Rural Access to Healthcare

The current system that is known as healthcare is actually just disease management, which is massively profitable and causes deaths and bankruptcies at an alarming rate in America. Insurance companies are making a killing – literally. 

When I ran for State Assembly in 2018, we knocked on over 10,000 doors and at least 75% of the people said healthcare costs and access was their number one concern, and that still holds true today. I met a woman in Lockwood who is preparing to die because she lost her healthcare coverage from her employer a month before being diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, and she won’t leave her family in debt.  


​ The profit off our suffering is staggering. Only by taking a step by step approach to untangle the complex web of healthcare, that has been allowed to flourish for decades, can we design a better web of health. A Medicare buy-in option is the strongest way to redesign our system. 

For those who have a healthcare plan through their employer or union and are happy with it, we should respect the freedom to choose. When we develop a better way through Medicare for All, it will become the  favored choice. I believe a universal healthcare system is ultimately the way to go. I believe when we offer Americans the plan, they will choose it, it will grow, become better funded, costs will go down even further and ultimately, we will succeed in a universal healthcare system for all.  Our current Congressman voted over a dozen times against our well-being and lied straight-faced about how his votes would affect Nevadans. 

In congress I will vote for funding of rural clinics and the broadband/high-speed internet necessary to bring tele-medicine to rural areas. In 2019, our current Congressman voted against a spending bill that funds the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Programs. This is just one of several critical votes where he hindered improving life for our rurals.


He is hurting rural Nevada.

Prescription Drug Prices
  • In May of 2019, our Congressman voted against a bill called Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act, which was designed to lower prescription drug prices. This was very bad for the average person, good for pharmaceutical companies. ​

  •  I would fight for a bill that would increase the number of drugs that will be subject to negotiation, up from 35, and fully repeal the ban on Medicare negotiating drug prices. And add a provision that would extend protections against drug price increases to people in private employer-sponsored insurance plans, not just those on Medicare. ​

  • Bottom line – you should not spend more than $200 a month on your prescription drugs. I will fight for that. We can win.​

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